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The ethos behind Blade of Grass is that we have all the ingredients inside us to accomplish our goals and sometimes we need external help to access them.


But if a blade of grass can push up through concrete – there is nothing

we cannot do.


Samenua Sesher OBE is a blade of grass here to help other blades push up. An arts management professional; with a track record of delivering impactful high profile projects.    Blade of Grass has the simple desire to support people on their journeys in a variety of ways.


Whether your want to, upscale, downsize, branch out, change track, or develop yourself or a work project, the principles of nurturing an idea from a notion to a reality are the same.


Samenua has taken her experience of working in the creative sector for over twenty years and combined that with her passion for personal development as a basis for some unique tools for support. 


They blend ancient wisdom with modern thinking and could be right for you or someone you know.


Personal or professional, Blade of Grass believes in simplicity, clarity, focus

and fun.