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WORKSHOPS: Unconscious Bias and Out of Tune





Despite the excellent work and high levels of commitment to change in the cultural and creative industries, low cultural and social diversity amongst audiences, consumers and the creative workforce remains a key challenge for future success.

                                                   Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value.


The creative industries are not alone. Our inability to combine quality with equality in our work and work forces, remains an ongoing challenge in all areas. Diversity is an overused term and unfulfilled aspiration. Why is this? 


This is not a diversity workshop, it is delivered in a half day session and explores how we think and how that affects decisions that we make that may sabotage our best intentions. It encompasses the widest range of difference and you are more likely to laugh than feel guilty. You will take away real tools to embrace equality.


Workshop feedback

"I've got to be honest, i was dreading this, diversity by the back door. But no, you've helped me understand how my head works and that is amazing. I feel like I understand so many things better now, not just stuff I do, but others too. Thanks!" Dave


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Recent clients include:

  • Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
  • Battersea Arts Centre
  • London Borough of Brent - Adoption team
  • Creative Foundation
  • National Justice Museum





This workshop was requested to build on the success of unconscious bias. What happens when we become aware of the power of our unconscious biases? It is intended to give a greater understanding to our various ways of resisting change and assist us to make a real difference in our personal and professional environments.


It is a stand alone workshop and can be booked without prior understanding of unconscious bias. As with the UB workshop, it is tailored to your organisation for maximum impact.


This workshop is new and there are discounts on it through till September 2018. For more information email



Sometimes we all need a little extra support, the support of a professional who can view where we are in life with objectivity and who will listen, encourage, discuss and support us. This is what coaching is, a space for you alone. There is no comeback the next day over breakfast, or in a meeting. It is confidential,  safe and rewarding. Samenua is an acredited Relational Dynamics Coach.


Relational Dynamics coaching umbrellas many theories and concepts, traditionally called the 'soft skills' within a business context.


Coaching is particularly useful in the following situations:

  • You have leadership responsibilities

  • You feel stuck
  • There is something specific that you wish to change
  • You are experiencing a low level nagging discontent
  • You are busy and lack time and space
  • You manage a small team (there are very specific challenges in small team management)
  • You are facing significant change


£60 per session

There is a reduced rate for the unwaged.




  • Board meeting
  • Team away days
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Symposiums


On request


Coaching testimonial

My sessions with Samenua have quite literally put me back in the centre of my world - and I am now taking action and lots of it. I am more confident, more inspired and happier. I have more self-worth and I am kinder to myself and to others. I have

not only made huge progress on practical goals but come to a much clearer understanding

 of what I need ( and more importantly DON'T) to live a fulfilling and happy life.

 I look forward to our sessions immensely - Samenua is light yet firmly brings me back to the forward path when I
wander... hah....which helps me to look at uncomfortable 'stuff'
without blame and it's easier not to  take myself too seriously then. I find her insights useful and above all she has an unwavering strength to see through my doubts to the strong inspiring person I really am.

- Zoe Parker